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Makeup Eyeshadow Tips – Three Tips You Can Easily Implement

The eyeshadow is a subtle detail but is usually seen when someone bats their eyelids. If done correctly, it can attract people to the eyes and create a different look for the person. But if done wrong, it can make a person look like a clown.

silk lashes
silk lashes

So if you don’t know how to apply your eyeshadow, here are some tips.

Know Your Eyelids

There are two types of eyelids. The monolids and the normal lids. Monolids are prevalent in Asian people with small eyes. The problem with monolids is they fold inside the skin making any silk lashes applied to the area, unnoticeable. The technique with monolids is to simply apply eyeshadow a bit higher until the skin fold so the color will show.

Normal lids, on the other hand, are easier to tackle since the normal silk lashes application can apply to them.

Know Your Eye Distance

Eyeshadow can also be used to trick eye distance. If your eyes are closer together, you can apply eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes so the attention will go there and if it is far away from each other, you can apply eyeshadow on the inside corners. This little technique can do wonders to your look.

Simple is Better

And with silk lashes, simple is always better. While you may be tempted to mix different colors, the eyes can only take a maximum of 4 colors. A base, an inner color, an outer color and a highlighter. Now if you do not have enough experience with color, then one or two will be enough. People who use four colors have a good perspective with light and how silk lashes looks on the face. So if you are a beginner, you should just go for one to two colors.

Some people say that the eyes is the window to the soul. People look in it to discover your mood and personality. So it is only right to use the right colors and make it look attractive with eyeshadow silk lashes.

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