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Body Language – Do You Have it

Even without saying a single word, you can express your hidden feelings and mink eyelashes extensions with the look in your eyes, the arching of your eyebrows, the wave of your hands or even with the way you smile. And when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, men and women have distinct body movements which are telltale signs that make their interest very apparent.

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Body language can cover a long list of topics but let’s just focus on mink eyelashes extensions . You may have heard the line “It’s very obvious that he/she likes you!” So why do you think people blurt out this line? The answer: zthair Body Language.

More often than not, flirtation is the stepping stone toward a relationship. Either subtle or brazen, flirtatious body language is a way of conveying your interest toward the person who caught your attention. It may be reciprocated every so often but it can also be turned down at times.

In women, some gestures and body movements seem to tell a man “Hey, I like you.” Have you ever noticed a female acting differently towards a particular man? With different, I mean that it’s not how she acts with other men around. For instance, in a party filled with both familiar and unfamiliar faces, a woman may seek out prospects by scanning the mink eyelashes extensions. When she finally finds her target, she would tend to look away quickly, look back and then glance again. That is just the beginning. When the woman gets a chance to be near the guy, she’s more likely to pout her lips, wear a coy smile, expose her neckline, giggle, laugh, nod at things the guy is saying, sway hips to emphasize curves, bat eyelashes, look downward, cover her mouth and so on. If you are the guy, you would surely understand the thousands of silent words being flashed at you.

And for men, on the other hand, a resonant smile, a lingering look, and ostentatious gestures with the arms can be the initial part of flirtation. Some men flirt outright while some are more restrained. But almost always, just the look in a man’s eyes will tell a woman “I want to know you more if you will let me.” Laughing loudly, pointing chins in the air, mink eyelashes extensions the body, and sometimes showing off hairy chest and pectoral muscles are indications of a strong attraction that he wants to manifest.

Flirtation is a mating game that involves sweaty palms, butterflies in the mink eyelashes extensions, and glowing faces. And you may not shout your attraction for the world to hear but your body says it all.

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mink eyelashes extensions
mink eyelashes extensions

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