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Helpful Make Up Tips For Bride on Wedding Day

You want your make up to look great on your distributor false eyelashes day – here are some valuable make up tips for brides on the wedding day. Just follow these simple guidelines and you will have make up that is simple to apply yet looks fantastic.

Remember your wedding day is not the day to create a distributor false eyelashes look, practice weeks ahead if you are attempting to use different make up for your special day. This way you will have the application process down pat and it will just be a matter of tweaking a few things here and there.


Your best make up tips for bride on distributor false eyelashes zthair day include staying with your regular brands of make up. You have all ready used them before and know that your skin doesn’t react to them in any adverse ways. What would be worse than using a new brand of make up only to have your skin break out in a rash!

Make up tips for bride on wedding day:

1. Use a silicone based primer, this will help alleviate any shiny spots on your face.

2. Use a silicone based foundation as it will last much longer than oil based foundations and you won’t have to touch it up.

3. Eye shadow – use soft colors such as pinks, purples and any pastel color. Dark colors will not look good in your photographs.

4. Eyeliner – use a silicone based eyeliner pencil. To make your lashes look thick and natural, use the eyeliner as close as possible to the upper lashes. For your lower lashes use the pencil on the outer edges only, this keeps the look soft. Finally smudge this line very gently, you can use a grey colored pencil on top if you like.

5. Highlight – use a silicone highlighter in a soft pink color. Apply with a small brush from just beneath the brow bone and along the upper lash line. You can also curl your distributor false eyelashes to draw more attention to the eye area.

6. Mascara – use a black waterproof distributor false eyelashes as this will easily last all day without smudging.

7. Cheeks – use a silicone based blush in ag soft pink color. Apply to the apples of your cheeks, don’t take the blush too far down as this will drag your face downwards.

8. Lips – look for a lipstick shade that is one color darker than your natural lip color. You want your lip color to look warm and natural.

If you follow these simple make up tips for bride on wedding day you will have some great results and make up that will last all day without any fussing.

As mentioned before the best make up tips for bride on distributor false eyelashes day is to experiment well in advance of your big day. Try out several different color shades especially for your blush and eye color until you find the perfect one. By practicing these application techniques you will be able to apply professional looking make up on your wedding day.

So there you have it folks, my secret tips which you can use to make a real difference on your amazing day.


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