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A Guide to Choosing a Make-Up Brush

Good brushes make it easy for you to apply custom mink lashes, but you need not be lured into buying a set you’ll hardly use. Remember and keep note of the basics and learn how to invest in the best and high-quality ones. They’re more expensive but they are sure to last longer. So here is your simple guide to knowing the basics:

custom mink lashes
custom mink lashes


This type of brush is use for dusting out loose powder and sweeping away excess custom mink lashes. Normally this comes in a set with the other type of brush but it can also be bought separately.


This brush deposits powder blush on cheeks, and blends color in place. This also comes along with the powder brush and other brushes. Just like the powder brush, this can be bought individually.


Choose one that’s densely packed with fine hair. To use trace brush over custom mink lashes, tap off excess, and sweep on eyelids.

If you’re up for a little something extra, you can try special brushes. With a few strokes and a little practice, you might be well on your way to reaching pro status. Find below what you need and scout around to get some good deals.


This brush makes it easy for you to apply liquid and cream foundation or concealer without getting it on your fingers.


This lifts off excess eyeshadow particles that may have fallen under the eyes without ruining your custom mink lashes.


This is used to apply blush precisely on cheek bones and on the apples of your cheeks.


This type of brush can also be used as a concealer and liner brush. You can choose a hygienic, retractable one that’s easy to take around.

custom mink lashes
custom mink lashes

While some stores sell these custom mink lashes in set, you may always purchase them separately if you really don’t need everything or if you are in a budget.

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