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Top Five (Appropriate) Beauty Tips For a Working Gal

After reading an article in Allure asking readers how much custom eyelash package is too much for work and agreeing to sponsor a professional image seminar for young graduates at Pepperdine, I started to raise my own questions. Can the corporate and beauty worlds peacefully coexist or will one always be fighting against the other?

custom eyelash package
custom eyelash package

Zthair In my world both beauty and work can peacefully coexist. But there are certain boundaries that should never be crossed (i.e. donning the smokey eye at work and red custom eyelash package at the same time).

After careful consideration I’ve outlined five beauty tips to carry with you everyday on your way to work.

1. Always look in the mirror before leaving home

You’ve seen those women. The ones who have royal blue eye shadow, cotton candy custom eyelash package cheeks, and over-the-top red lips. And you wonder, “How could they leave the house looking like that?” This is why it’s crucial to give yourself a once-over before parading out the door each morning. While you’re giving yourself a glance make sure to ask yourself, “If the CEO were to walk into my office today, would I look presentable?”

2. Pick one area and stick to it

Just like we mentioned in tip number one sometimes you can get carried away with too many distracting looks at once. Bright lips? That’s okay. Blue custom eyelash package? Forgivable. Very pink cheeks? We’ll let it slide. But not all at once ladies! The key is everything in moderation!

3. The less the perfume, the better

Nowadays people are allergic to just about everything. That includes your perfume too! Instead of spraying on a strong scent and enduring passive-aggressive glares and sneezes all day, opt for a solid perfume. Rub a small amount on your wrists and neck and it’ll stick all day without being too obtrusive to your neighbors. Try Fracas Parfum Solid to start.

4. Look Yourself

There’s a time and a place for fuchsia nails and glitter eye custom eyelash package. Work is not one of those places to try out new beauty trends. While you may be tempted to dabble in the latest and greatest of beauty trends, remember to keep it simple and look yourself at work. Keep your ‘after-five’ look to weeknight cocktails and Saturday evenings out on town.

5. Don’t Go Bare

custom eyelash package
custom eyelash package

Wearing too much custom eyelash package is just as unprofessional as wearing absolutely none. It doesn’t send a good message to coworkers and superiors if you roll out of bed sans makeup one day and are all gussied up the next morning. Be consistent, look your best and put your best face forward!

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