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Makeup Don’ts

When we use too much make up products on our faces and with so many colors, we can end up looking like Bozo the Clown instead of the glamorous, classy face we hope to see in our mirrors. We have moved on from the crazy, clashing colors of the 60’s. custom 3d eyelashes box , the more natural look is “in”.

 custom 3d eyelashes box
custom 3d eyelashes box
  1. Don’t go for loud colors unless the event calls for it. Opt for neutral shades for everyday wear. They will make your face look more natural and fresh. Invest on a good concealer and a foundation that matches your skin tone and will less likely to melt or crack on your face.
  2. Don’t go crazy with glitters. You do not want to look like someone who had a can of glitter blown up in her face or someone who came from a children’s art class. Incorporate some shimmer onto your lip gloss and eye shadow instead. They can be very subtle but they are very effective in winning over adoring eyes.
  3. Don’t apply your foundation thickly. There are made to serve as base coat for the rest of your make up and for your skin to look as if it has an even, flawless complexion. They are not, however, your regular mud/facial masks.
  4. Don’t wear black lipstick. Unless you are portraying a witch role or a die-hard Goth, refrain from wearing black lipstick. It simply is hideous and dreadful.
  5. Don’t shave off your eyebrows just to be able to pencil them on entirely. You are born with eyebrows for a reason and grooming them is best. Eyebrow pencils can give your brows more volume but please do not be cruel to yourself by custom 3d eyelashes box them off completely.

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 custom 3d eyelashes box
custom 3d eyelashes box

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