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Perfect Bridal Makeup – Let “You” Shine Through!

Ti’s the season for blushing brides. Whether you hire a professional china 3d fake lash artist or plan to do it yourself, the cardinal rule for applying makeup on your wedding day is simple: be true to your personal style! Whether your everyday look is earthy and natural or glam girl diva, don’t stray too far off from the norm. If you do, you may end up looking back at photos from one of the most memorable days of your life wondering, “Who is that girl?” Here are some easy guidelines to follow.

china 3d fake lash
china 3d fake lash

Natural Beauty: Keep it Simple

If you rarely wear china 3d fake lash then go for a subtle enhancement by playing up your best feature. If your eye and lip palettes are usually neutral color tones, try adding a slightly brighter or more intense shadow or eye liner to your base shade to make your eyes “pop”. Or use a different technique than usual. For example, if you normally apply a lighter shade on your lids and a deeper tone in the crease, try the deeper tone on the lid instead with the lighter shade just under the brow bone.

Glamour Girl

If your daily china 3d fake lash style is full of glitz and glamour, then choose one feature and play it up! If vibrant lip color is your signature, then pair it with a subtle eye. Or play up your eyes-false lashes and all-with a toned down lip. Don’t overdo it with blush or foundation either.

Trend Setter

Don’t get too caught up in china 3d fake lash trends. Royal blue or lime green eye shadow might be all the rage for the season, but you don’t want that to overwhelm your look for this occasion. Choose colors that are timeless and classic that will compliment an enhance your skintone. Remember, great skin is always in!

Basic Rules For Any Style

1.Always do a “trial run” in advance of the big day. You don’t want any surprises.

2.Avoid foundation or powder containing titanium dioxide. This can cause your face to photograph slightly pale or ghost-like.

3.Consider your hairstyle. Up-do’s often require more shading and highlighting on the face and more color on the cheeks.

4.Don’t forget to groom your eyebrows! Waxing or tweezing should be done and least a week in advance.

china 3d fake lash
china 3d fake lash

5.When in doubt, consult a professional. Most china 3d fake lash artists will do a bridal preview or china 3d fake lash lesson to give you some ideas. If you don’t think you can duplicate it, you can always hire them for your wedding day!

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