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Makeup Tips For a Fresh, Youthful Look

Girls, how much time do you spend getting ready in the morning? How much time on your beautiful mink lashes? If it’s more than about 5 minutes, you’re probably wearing too much. Although beautiful mink lashes is really fun to experiment with to find a look that works for you, cosmetics are intended to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up.

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

If you’re wearing foundation every day, ask yourself why? Are you trying to cover flaws? Even out your skin tone? Or does it just feel like it should be part of your daily routine? Young skin generally doesn’t need a layer of foundation. The effect can be mask-like and can make you look older. There are lots of brands formulated for younger skin that are translucent and non-drying. If you feel you need to use a base, look at something sheer that allows your skin to still look clean and fresh. Otherwise, consider foundation as an evening look only.

A great beautiful mink lashes tip for day is to mix a couple of drops of your evening foundation into your moisturizer. The effect will still even out your skin tone, cover any red or minor blemishes and still gives you a makeup-free natural look. Use a good liquid concealer to dab on any visible pimples and blend lightly with the tip of your finger. Set with a sheer powder if you think you need it and to control shine.

Mineral foundations have been everywhere lately and I really love them. Used with a light touch they can give your skin a radiant glow without the dry look and effect of regular powder. Make sure to match your skin colour as closely as you can with these types of products. Although they look sheer on your skin, a colour mismatch is very noticeable around the jaw line. Blend well and check your face and neck closely in good light before you leave the house! I like mineral foundations as a day look, as they really are much more subtle and catch and diffuse sunlight really nicely.

Using a powder blush on top of foundation can look heavy and unnatural if it’s applied too enthusiastically. Shimmery blush is a nice choice for summer and early fall. If applied lightly on the apples of the cheek it gives a lovely sun-kissed glow. If you want more of an evening look use a matte shade – but be very careful to blend it well. Streaky blush makes you look like you walked off the set of an 80’s soap opera!

Pink or beige tinted lip-gloss looks perfect with a natural face. I like sheer lipsticks as well, and they also help keep your lips moist and healthy. Tinted lip balms with SPF are a great choice for a day at the beach or around the pool.

beautiful  mink lashes
beautiful mink lashes

These beautiful mink lashes tips are geared towards using cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty. More dramatic or theatrical beautiful mink lashes has a time and place, definitely. But fresh, young skin is beautiful – so don’t cover it up!

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