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Proper Makeup Application to Enhance Your Natural Skin Tones

Properly chosen and expertly applied foundation will create an 3D mink lashes false lashes of flawless beauty. It doesn’t take but a minute to learn proper techniques. A little practice will turn you into a professional.

First things first: Foundation goes on only after cleansing, toning and moisturizing. If you use a concealer or under make-up filler this too, is applied beforehand.

3D mink lashes false lashes
3D mink lashes false lashes

Dot the face – forehead, nose, cheeks, pat gently on eyelids. Blend up and out, smoothing at edges to even out the skin tone, using upward and outward strokes, then down along the jaw line. Foundation should be spread to blend evenly into the hairline. Pay special attention to tiny imperfections such as discolorations, shiny patches and broken capillaries. You know you have chosen the right shade of foundation if you can’t tell where it begins and ends. Apply a little foundation to lips to create a better base for lipsticks and gloss.

It is recommended that a moist seasilk sponge be used to attain a smooth even coverage. Dampen sponge, apply to compact and then blend even in upward and outward motions. If you prefer a heavier coverage – a dry sponge is recommended. Your skin type is the deciding factor.

There are specialized make-up products that 3D mink lashes false lashes colors and tones out the complexion for a more flattering effect. These allow the basic skin tones to change as you create your perfect complexion color. You can get the color correctors in three shades:

  • Lavender – Brings out highlights and brightens and enlivens a deep olive complexion. It also helps to correct a sallow skin tone.
  • Mint – Will bring the complexion back to a more natural tone and helps neutralize your skin’s pH with a too-red or ruddy skin discoloration.
  • Yellow – Adds a basic sunny glow to the complexion, enhances the overall skin tone.

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3D mink lashes false lashes
3D mink lashes false lashes

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