Best Of ZT Hair 5th Anniversary Sale 2021

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Hair weave, bundles with closure, headband wigs, HD lace wigs, and non-lace wigs are on sale during UNice ’s annual sale event. Shop the best deals from human hair, lace closure, human hair wigs, and more.

The 2021 UNice Anniversary Sale is almost here. Shop beauty must-haves including products from human hair bundles, hair accessories, lace wigs, and more.

The 2021 UNice Anniversary Sale is here and all human hair products are finally at a discount. The big sale is officially open to the public from Jan.12 and will continue until Jan.15. The price will be the lowest price in the year before the black Friday day sale 2021. Once the sale is over, prices go back up.

The UNice 5th Anniversar Sale Details:

Anniversary Sale 2021

JAN12th –JAN15th:

10% off over $69 with code UBEST10

12% off over $169 code UBEST12

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What to shop for during the 2021 UNice’s Anniversary Sale?

Anniversary sale must buy No1UNice hot selling discount wigs  

All products you can get 15% off!

Those are must but items if you are a fan of lace front wigs, there are curly lace front human hair wigs, body wave lace front wigs, straight lace front wigs pre-plucked, cute bob wigs, no matter what length and styles you want.

You can choose from UNice online wig store, the good news is that you can get 18% off at our anniversary sale promo, if you miss the black Friday day, you can’t miss this big hair deal.

Breathable stretch net, comfortable and flexible;

Adjustable drawstring;

Double-sided clips;

real & natural hairline;

Fluffy, full, long-lasting;

easy to wear and save time;

Anniversary sale must buy No2UNice new arrival human hair wigs

UNice new arrival human hair wigs

There are many popular human hair wigs 2021.No matter transparent lace wig, human hair wig highlight wig, fake scalp wig,613 blonde wigs,s and more, you can get it from here at the lowest price if you buy it at Unice 5th years anniversary sale dates.

100% human hair;

Tangle Free. It is soft to the touch;

looks very full and bomb, can greatly increase the volume of your hair nicely;

Don’t need to worry about it blowout after several hours;

Anniversary sale must buy No3UNice hair bundles with closure

UNice hair bundles with closure

Closure brings countless advantages, both in terms of hair health and appearance. Many women, in order to help them “miss” better mix with their weave, chemically relax it, or use a lot of heat on the braided bundle of human hair.

However, this causes the hair to be more brittle, thinner, and shorter than other hairs. By wearing a seal, you can make sure that all your hair is protected so that this doesn’t happen.

Anniversary sale must buy No4– UNice lace front wigs

UNice lace front wigs

The main advantage of the lace front wig is its attachment along the hairline, ensuring that the huge difference between your skin and the beginning of the wig is not obvious. The wig can be attached with threads, glue, tape or other adhesive. A lace front wig can align your hairline with your forehead, making it hard to say that you are wearing a wig.

If you’ve been wearing it, wigs will be the best choice, such as classic wigs, lace front wigs, full lace wigs, any style and color, and different hairstyles to choose from.

Anniversary sale must buy No5– UNice human hair weave 

UNice human hair weave

UNice hair company has an enormous variety of human hair weaves, they are all 100% human virgin hair, in any style and color. Body Wave, Straight, Curly, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, and natural wave, different hairstyles for your choice.

Brazilian hair is one of the most popular types on the market. Brazilian hair weaving will be the best choice for many women. Brazilian hair is densely woven and its color is often black or very rich in brown tones.

If you want to have thick hair, then Brazil’s hardness is very good, no matter what you do, it can be maintained. If taken care of properly, this hairstyle can last a considerable amount of time. Hair does not require special maintenance. In general, Brazilian hair will match any hairstyle.

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Faq About UNice Anniversary Sale Promotion 

When Does Unice Anniversary Sale 2021 Early Access Start?

The UNice Anniversary Sale 2021 Early Access dates are Friday, Jan 12th, 2020 through SaturdaySunday, Monday to Nest Thursday, Jan 15, 2021. All customers can join the sale! Details above.

What Is The Unice Anniversary Sale?

The UNice Anniversary Sale is probably the best sales for the entire year. The sale is one of the only sales where you get deep discounts on new items for  2021, which is very exciting.  This sale isn’t the typical “clearance sale” where retailers liquidate last year’s or last season’s inventory. I think it’s even better than Black Friday.

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How To Make A U Part Wig For Beginners?

 Last updated Aug.01,2020

If you’re new to wigs and are concerned with the difficulty of wearing one, there’s actually no need to worry—it’s easy!

If you haven’t ever worn a wig before and require some extra guidance choosing and discussing the process of styling before you put on your wig; then please read our beginners guide to wearing a wig.

With these reasons in mind, you can make a fabulous U-part wig at home using the steps and the tools below:

Things you will need

Things you will need

  • Wig Cap or U-Part Wig Cap
  • Foam Head
  • 2 to 3 Bundles of bundles depending on your preferred density.
  • Wig Clips
  • Hair Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins (optional)
  • Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks (Depending on the method)
  • Hair Glue & Blow Dryer (Depending on the method)
  • Hair Weave

How To Make U-Part Wig?

How To Make A U-Part Wig?

Step 1: Wear a wig cap 

1.hey guys so as you can see we’re gonna go ahead and start with a spandex dome wig cap, go ahead and mark out your parting area and then add a double track to the perimeter of the head, this is just going to help the wig lay flat when you pull it back it’s going to hide all the tracks laying behind it, and you’ll see what I’m talking about later on in the video.

Step 2: Sew in bundles on the cap

Sew in bundles on the cap

2.start off by stitching both tracks together and then attach it to the cap, you should go through the spandex cap and then through both webs and then tie a knot about (maybe two to three times),it’s up to you the more the better.

Then you go ahead and just stitch the rest of the track as you normally, which is just in and out in and out through the spandex cap and underneath both tracks through Hispanics cap and underneath both tracks, but you would make sure that you avoid sewing through the elastic band ,because if you do that then your wig won’t have much stretch to it at all,so be sure not to sew through the elastic band.

3.Make the u part

Make the u part

I was just showing you how it lays flat when you pull it back but yeah so I left it plastic on my canvas head because it’s going to protect it’s going to protect it from any build-up water or a dirt .The plastic is just to protect it help keep it clean and I really highly advise you to get a canvas block wig head instead of a styrofoam mannequin head.

Here I’m showing you how flat it lays as you can see and that’s just going to hide all the tracks behind it ,so you can pull it back of the ponytail half-up half-down,and you’re going to see me demonstrate all these hairstyles later on in the video.

4 .Cut off the excess cap

Cut off the excess cap

After you glue your tracks down from the bottom up using either a hot glue gun or weave glue and a blow dryer to secure the hair to your cap.You should cut the excess fabric creating the U-part.

Cut and remove the excess part of the U-part portion of the wig. Do not cut too close to the top tracks. (Avoid cutting any threads so that you don’t detach the tracks at the top of the wig cap and around the opening of the U-part.)

So here you see me starting the left the exact same way, start with the weft first ,and then attach it to the cap, be sure to avoid the elastic band ,and you see me pulling the West, because it makes it easier for me to sew through just the cap and not the elastic band ,so I mean if you want to just make it easier for you.

Then you can sew through the cap, you can see that I’m pulling the thread that way it’s pulling the cap out, so that I make sure I’m sewing through the cap and not the band ..hopefully that makes sense right here .we’re coming to an end.

Conclusion:How to make a u part wig by yourself?

First of all about two or three times then fold it over, and keep in mind we’re gonna do every single track the exact same way we’re doing in here the exact same way, securing the fold so it lays nice and flat and then just go ahead and continue sewing the rest of the track .

it’s just super easy guys, so I hope you guys see this in our motivated and excited to make your own wig because it’s really not hard at all.

U-Part Wig Making Tips!

Whether gluing or sewing the tracks down to your cap, try the fold-over method.

Instead of cutting the weft of the track when you get to the border of your wig cap, fold the track over and secure it to the wig cap. This process may take a little longer, but this will decrease shedding.

When opting to create your U-part wig, you can customize your look and create a hairstyle that only you can pull off!

The part you can put middle or side by yourself,it allows you to blend your own hair through a specific u-shaped opening at the top of the wig; thus this opening gives you the chance to blend your own part exposing the scalp for a better natural looking hairline.

Besides,u part human hair wigs are easy to wear hair extensions that blend perfectly with your hair.

If you want to get a natural hair looking,we recommends you choosing human hair U part wig because it is made from 100% raw hair. The hair is so strong and natural as well. You can create bending, dyeing or styling without worrying about damages.


If you want to buy cheap u part wig,i’d like to recommend Unice top selling body wave u part to you.

Here is the features of the wig

  • 100% Human Hair U Part Wig with Comb and Strong Straps That Can be Adjusted, Medium Size(22.5″ in stock) Fits the Majority of a Woman’s Head,1*4 Inches Middle Part Opening.
  • The Wig Is Very Easy To Wear And Really Natural,Because You Could Keep Your Hair Out And Use Your Own Natural Part In The Wig.
  • Hair Color/Hair Length:Natural Color(Natural Color is Black,Can Be Dyed),12-24 inch
  • Hair Style:Body wave,U Part Wig Density:150% Density
  • ALL NATURAL – This Human Hair Wigs Gives You Beautiful Results That Looks 100% Natural. You Can Wear It In Many Special Occasions. Buy Today With Confidence!

What is a u part wig?

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